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Download or Print a 1 page pdf of our Line Card List. Just click on the desired area from the links below:
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Philips Color Kinetics

The world’s leading manufacturer of LED lighting systems.

Philips Lighting Controls

Philips Lighting Controls offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of projects of any size. Sophisticated controls combine with a wide range of power and load management tools extend the creativity of designers everywhere.


Reggiani Lighting USA is the leading Italian lighting manufacturer offering recessed lights, track lighting, pendants, surface mount and exterior luminaires.



Jesco Lighting Group

Jesco Lighting manufactures a wide range of flexible LED linear products, commercial and decorative lighting fixtures.


RGB Lights

Full-Motion Video Through Translucent, Slim, Scalable Panels with Robust LED Technology.

ARRI Group

ARRI's extensive range of lighting products offers an abundance of creative lighting solutions. ARRI lights are put to use across the world on feature film and TV productions, in TV studios, at major sporting events and for industrial applications.


Lex Products is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer or power distribution products, cable assemblies and accessories for the entertainment, industrial, military and shipyard markets.

Kodak LED Lighting

Spotlite is now Kodak LED Lighting. Kodak LED Bulbs are the affordable choice for your retrofit project. Quality and high CRI are the hallmarks of our unique range of lamps.

Interactive Technologies

Interactive Technologies is a world-class producer of professional lighting controls for the Architectural, Entertainment, Stage and Studio markets.

City Theatrical

City Theatrical is a leading supplier of popular Color Kinetics power supplies.

Firefly Lighting

Firefly offers a range of Festoon and Fairy Lighting along with a superior LED replacement for Neon with their Floppy Flex family of products.


Yaham manufacturer high performance lighting systems for a wide range of industrial and outdoor applications.


Snowball offers a wide range of industrial and commercial lighting products.


Nicor offers a wide range of luminaires for commercial applications.

Picasso Lighting

Picasso Lighting is a leading manufacturer of linear and recessed architectural lighting products.

US Energy Sciences

US Energy Sciences manufactures industrial and commercial lighting products for a wide range of applications.

Philips Strand Lighting Philips Selecon Lighting

Philips Strand and Selecon Lighting offer the worlds most comprehensive range of entertainment lighting products and architectural lighting Controls

Philips Large Luminous Surfaces

Philips Luminous Surfaces provide a unique canvas for your creativity. Luminous Textile panels combine acoustic panels with an LED grid to create beautiful low resolution video images. Add OneSpace luminous ceilings to your large spaces to create soft evenly lit spaces with this unique luminaire. Luminous Carpets add graphics and text as well as way finding to any floor.

Digital Lumens

A pioneer in developing and implementing next-generation High Bay LED lighting solutions, Digital Lumens is taking a game-changing approach to the industrial lighting market.


UFO Lighting

Fiber Optic Lighting systems like you never saw before! These are bright, ultra-compact, and very, very cool…

Precision Architectural Lighting

Precision Architectural Lighting products are designed to enhance the beauty of your space, while providing outstanding performance, efficiency and, of course, value. We know that our job is to make your project look as good as possible, on time and within budget.

Rosco Laboratories

Rosco is a leading manufacturer of accessories and lighting products for the entertainment and architectural lighting industries.  From their award winning color filters to their popular LitePad  luminous panels Rosco offers a broad range of unique products. We are pleased to support lighting designers of all types.


Complete collection of indoor/outdoor DMX Controllable RGBW Color Changing Architectural Fixtures including Downlights ranging from 3" - 6", Pathway Lights and Pendants.

Evergreen Lighting

Evergreen lighting manufactures handcrafted Architectural Lighting luminaires. Our light fixtures are for Interior, Exterior, combined, and custom lighting applications.

Acolyte Industries

Acolyte is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting products including flexible linear, pendant and panel lighting products.

Intelligent Marquee Systems

Individually DMX controlled Marquee / Festoon Lighting Systems

Audacy Lighting Control

Audacy Wireless provides a wide range of wireless controls for energy management and lighting control applications.


Kuzco manufacturers a wide range of contemporary lighting for decorative and commerical applications.

IR Tec

IR TEC features wired and wireless occupancy sensors and controls for commerical applications.

Inverter Systems Inc.

Inverter systems offers a wide range of inverter power systems and exit lighting.

Download or Print a 1 pg pdf of our Line Card List Here:
All Territories